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Drivers neglecting basic car safety checks

Most drivers don't do enough basic checks on their car as often as they should - potentially increasing the chance of breakdown - new research has revealved. 

A study conducted by the RAC among 2,000 motorists found that more than 38% said they check their car’s oil at best every two months, with 7% saying they wait until a warning light comes on before they do anything – despite too little oil risking causing dangerous and expensive engine damage.  Just 24% check their oil as often as the RAC recommends, which is at the least every two weeks and before long journeys.

When it came to tyres, things were no better.  It seems that just 58% check the condition of their vehicle’s tyres – including tread levels – at least once a month, with the RAC advising they are looked at least this often and possibly even more frequently in case of damage from potholes, and prior to long road trips.  But 37% said they did this at best every two mon

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