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Risk of winter breakdown as drivers fail to carry out basic vehicle checks, says RAC

The majority of drivers do not carry out basic checks on their car such as oil level and tyre condition as often as they should, RAC research suggests.

A survey of 2,000 motorists found that more than a third (38%) said they check their car’s oil at best every two months, with 7% saying they wait until a warning light comes on before they do anything. That’s despite too little oil risking causing dangerous and expensive engine damage.

Less than a quarter (24%) check their oil as often as the RAC recommends, which is at the least every two weeks and before long journeys.

With very low temperatures forecast over the coming days, even during the daytime, the RAC is strongly recommending drivers take a small amount of time to ensure their car is prepared for winter and less likely to let them down.

Burgess said: “Checking things like tyres, oil, coolant and wipers takes little time – and can often be simple and reasonably cheap to sort out. The

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